Tourism Bureaus can now connect with every tourist in their city alerting them of safety issues, warning them of typical scams and offering them a tool with which they can navigate the city safely.

Tourism Bureaus Can:

  • Directly message all tourist or a specific set of tourists in their areas.

  • Receive responses back from tourists regarding surveys or inquiries

  • Inform tourists of local events or  upcoming events.

  • Message all tourists that have ever visited the area regardless of if they are currently local.

  • Get real-time counts of tourists and visitors currently in their area as well as YTD figures.

  • Utilize many other customized features.


Stay connected with the nearest Embassy or Consulate receiving notifications and alerts in real-time via a combination of emails, text messages, popup alerts, and video messaging. Be alerted to typical scams and crimes in the area connect with Law Enforcement or Emergency Services with the click of a button.


Integrates with ALL Travel APPS where you can still access all of your usual travel information:

  • Flight Information

  • Interactive Airport Maps

  • Airport Wait Times

  • Visa Requirements

  • Itinerary Sharing

  • Add Bookings

  • Expense Tracking

  • Connect to Travel Consultant

  • Assistance at Destination

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